Euroflora – The 11th International Flower and Ornamental Plant Exhibition

The colours and fragrances of Euroflora returns to Genoa from 21 April to 6 May, in the spectacular setting of the “Parchi di Nervi”: Italy’s largest park overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a treasure-trove of botanical treasures and art, a complex of gardens and historic villas.

Our association – Associazione Emozione Italia – thoroughly recommend visiting Euroflora 2018. This will be the eleventh edition of this international flower and ornamental plant exhibition, rightfully considered to be Europe’s most important floral trade fair. The official website ( https://www.euroflora2018.it/en/ ) explains how Euroflora is part of the Association of International Floralies; its first edition in 1966 was recognised by the Association Internationale des Producteurs Horticoles.

The 2018 edition – promoted by Municipality of Genoa in collaboration with the Liguria Region and the Chambers of Commerce of Genoa and the Rivieras, with the support of the participating companies – Genoa and the Rivieras, and the support of the investee companies – forms part of 2018 European Year of  Cultural Heritage, the purpose being to enhance Italy’s unique historical and naturalistic heritage, thanks also to the scientific contribution of the University of Genoa.

As the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, has pointed out: “Genoa can host tens of thousands of visitors wishing to enjoy a unique event in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. Euroflora is not an event to be seen and experienced just in Nervi, but throughout the city, thanks to a series of events, shows and promotions, which will involve the Genoese and visitors alike, adding extra value to this international exhibition.”

Genova , piazza De Ferrari
Genova , piazza De Ferrari

The city will be in a festive mood and in constant ferment, with guided tours and extra opening hours for those wishing to visit the city’s museums and the Palazzi dei Rolli, plus themed exhibitions. concerts, events and initiatives throughout the city, including the suburbs: jazz shows, dance happenings, events specifically for children, as well as the chance to taste typical produce and promotions. The aim is to offer a warm welcome to the many people expected to visit Euroflora.
The party atmosphere will extend beyond the confines of the city: to Bogliasco, Pieve, Sori, Recco, Avegno, Uscio, Camogli, Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Zoagli and Chiavari.

Veduta aerea dei Parchi Nervi
Veduta aerea dei Parchi Nervi

Six large floral paintings will animate the main route, four of which are dedicated to the natural elements: earth, wind, fire and water.

Red Wave will be particularly striking, with long tongues of flower formed by red marguerite daisies touching the top of the large lawn; Il Lago delle Ninfee (water lily lake) will reflect the landscape and the sky; Germinazioni (germination) will represent  the contamination between art and nature, with vertical green walls, accompanying Capsica Red Light, a sculptural sequence of twenty red chilli plants in bronze and polychrome resin; Labyrinth (200 metres long and 180 cm high) will take the visitor’s gaze upwards to the Bouquet de Coquelicots Suspendus (bouquet of suspended poppies) created by the kite designer, Alain Micquiaux.

Parchi Nervi, site of the exhibition

The venue –  the Parks & Museums of Nervi – is a fantastic location, sitting immediately above the cliffs overlooking the sea. The gardens contain many extraordinary natural specimens, such as the Araucaria Bidwillii (the Bunya pine from Australia) that grows to height of more than twenty-five metres. There are three Museums – The Frugone Collection, The Gallery of Modern Art and The Wolfsonian Museum – all full of works of art. Thanks to Euroflora, the complex with be clothed in flowers and colours, to enhance the ties between art and nature. Show gardens and artistic installations, in full respect of the parks: over eight hectares, more than two hundred and fifty floriculturists, landscapers, florists and masters floral decorators, millions of flowers and plants from all over the world.

La composizione “Red Wave”
La composizione “Red Wave”

Italian and international exhibitors plus the guest of honour, Beijing 2019

The many countries represented in the exhibition include Taiwan (the orchids of Joseph Wu), the United States of America, France (the “twin” Floralies of Nantes) and Spain, with its many major growers and the city of Murcia. Moreover, the entire consular body of Genoa, representing 56 countries, has designed a special flowerbed.

Guest of honour of Euroflora 2018 will be Beijing 2019, the international horticulture exhibition, occupying an important area at the entrance to the event: Genoa represents its first official presentation in Italy.

Events within Euroflora and the Rotary Club gala evening

The Belvedere Villa Serra, the Spazio Incontri Mare and the Incontri Fienile: three spaces within Euroflora that will host a fine programme of events each day. These will include live mandolin music, a tango performance by the Centro Buenos Aires, a ballet with a 19th century choreography by the Compagnia Italiana Teatro e Danza, the Rotary Club gala evening on 24 April with the Teatro alla Scala’s leading dancers, Sabrina Brazzo and Andrea Volpintesta. N.B.: the Rotary Club Genova Golfo Paradiso is the reference point for Rotarians wanting to visit Euroflora 2018 (email: segreteria@rotaryparadiso.it).

Food & Wine: showcasing typical produce, street food to star restaurants

Taste the excellence of Genoese and Ligurian food in all its forms during Euroflora: from sweet to savoury dishes, from street food to fine dining in a star restaurant.

Of special note among the many mouth-watering delicacies on offer, the Genoese focaccia produced by the Nervi bakers, guaranteed by the Consorzio della Focaccia di Recco. Perfect with a glass of local white wine.

Useful info

Euroflora 2018 is open from 21 April to 6 May 2018. Opening hours from 9.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. For full details of the various types of tickets: https://www.euroflora2018.it/en/tickets/

Euroflora can only be reached by public transport. Guests at the hotels within the Nervi area with internal parking will be given a special pass (please ask your hotel). Shuttle buses are provided, free of charge, from the park&ride car parks (Piazzale Kennedy) to the Genova Brignole railway station, and from Corso Europa (where tourist coaches stop) to the exhibition entrance.

You can reach Genova Nervi station by train from Genova Brignole, just 150 metres from the entrance to Euroflora. The cost of urban transport (shuttle buses and trains) is included in the price of your Euroflora ticket. Dedicated parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity for visitors with disabilities, subject to availability.