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and shows the beauty of places, events and shopping and will give you all the tips to better enjoy the true Italian Emotions in art, culture, natural and built landscapes, fine foods and wine, fashion, craftsmanship, industry and lifestyles

It is the project “Emozione Italia”, started on the occasion of Expo 2015. We want to promote the visitor experience in Italian cities through free welcome and accompaniment programs.



To take advantage of the welcoming services proposed by Emozione Italia just to make a reservation on the website, following which will be sent an email of acceptance of the host request with the references of the person in charge of welcoming visitors.

In brief

The no profit Association “Emozione Italia” aims to promote active, mutual and direct contact and exchange between:

Italian and foreign visitors attending specific events in Italian cities and
local residents willing to welcome and accompany visitors in and around their city, showing them the local heritage, beauty spots, festivals and shopping opportunities.

Local residents willing to dedicate some of their time to welcoming and accompanying visitors will be able to give newcomers an in-depth insight into Italy’s vast heritage of Art, Culture, Natural and built landscapes, Fine foods and wine, Fashion, Craftsmanship, Industry and Lifestyles.

In addition to the welcoming service and dedicated accompaniment, if you wish to be assisted by a professional guide Emozione Italia will suggest qualified tourist guides individually.

Maintaining acquaintances (and friendships) even after visitors have left the city will help strengthen the favourable impression of Italian hospitality had by visitors during their visit, encouraging them to publicize their appreciation of Italy’s heritage.

The host initiative has already been implemented with good results with visitors arrived in Milan during the Expo 2015 ( and in Rome during the Jubilee 2016 ( The welcoming principle is now extended to other Italian towns and cities and grows from the city level to the regional, and finally national level.

The welcoming service is extended to all Italian places, improving them on the basis of the feedback given by visitors. The places listed at the top left are only some examples of proposed places to visit.

Necessary resources

Our broad, multi-faceted project is divided into operational modules comprising individual citizens or groups of citizens.
The main principle underpinning the Project is to deliver a “Service” based on “Professionalism” and “Friendship” but entailing no charge made to, or any disbursement by the participants.
The Project’s vision and commitment are conceived for the long term.

Future Developments

Although broad and far-reaching, the Project focuses in this initial phase on developing the operational basis for the sort of ‘Hosting’ envisaged, harnessing Italians’ natural propensity to be hospitable to visitors and the widely felt desire to do something positive towards the country’s recovery.

If appropriately analysed and detailed, the results achieved during this phase of the Project will provide useful indications of improvements to be made to the products, services and hosting currently being offered in the fields of art, culture, natural and built landscapes, fine foods and wine, fashion, craftsmanship, industry and lifestyles.

Feedback from visitors as well as from the hosting residents will allow us to identify the improvements to be introduced, which in time will give rise to a virtuous cycle of continual improvement.

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