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Memo regarding Emozione Italia Rules of Hospitality

We would remind all local guides and visitors that Emozione Italia’s goal is to promote an understanding of Italian Art, Culture, Natural and Architectural Beauty, Food and Wine, Fashion, Crafts, Industry and Lifestyles through its hospitality and guide activities for visitors to Italy.

Emozione Italia brings together visitors to Italian cities and the local inhabitants. Local residents welcome the visitors and accompany them in exploring their city and surroundings in order to discover places of beauty, shopping opportunities, events and exhibitions.

Please note that no contract of any kind whatsoever exists between Emozione Italia and visitors. Emozione Italia does not, therefore, have any obligations and visitors cannot make any claims against Emozione Italia.

All the local guides are volunteers, offering their time, according to personal availability and without obligation. They do this out of a desire to welcome visitors in friendship, to provide them with useful information during their stay in the city and their visits to recommended places, and to accompany them to the most characteristic areas.

Emozione Italia association volunteers are not, therefore, tour/tourist guides and do not perform this service. Emozione Italia and its volunteers may also suggest to visitors potential routes, visits, selected tour operators, but without this giving rise to any obligation to do so.

Emozione Italia enters into cooperation agreements with entities that help it achieve its mission and benefit visitors. Emozione Italia currently has cooperation agreements with Touring Club Italiano (association for the development of tourism and safeguarding of Italian heritage in history, art, culture and nature) and Euro Toques Italia (association of top Italian chefs).

Visitors are accompanied using public means of transport. It is understood that visitors shall pay for their own transport.
Local guides may wish to use private means of transport, it being understood that they do this at their own free choice without involving Emozione Italia in any way. Consequently, visitors may make no claims against Emozione Italia in the event of any accident and/or personal injury, damage to property, theft, loss or any other matter in this regard.

Visitors will stay in hotels and/or other facilities booked and paid for directly by the visitors themselves. It is not foreseen that the local guides will accommodate visitors in their homes.
Should, however, local guides offer to accommodate visitors in their own homes and the visitors concerned accept their invitation, it is understood that Emozione Italia is entirely uninvolved in this matter of free choice and that, therefore, visitors cannot make any claims against Emozione Italia in the event of any accident and/or personal injury, damage to property, theft, loss or any other matter in this regard.

Visitors are expected to pay for their own tickets when visiting places charging entry fees. Likewise, visitors are expected to bear the full cost of any paid services they may use, such as restaurants and so on and so forth.

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